Micah on top of Chamser KangriIn 2007 having just finished a PhD in Engineering I hopped on a plane to Hong Kong and spent the next 6 years photographing, traveling, and trekking primarily in Asia.  Much of that time I spent in the Himalayas, trekking, climbing, and enjoying meeting the wonderful people that inhabit the region.  Over the years I learned a lot about trekking in the region.  Frustrated by the lack of information about independent trekking, I began to post the information I had gained on my photography and blogging site www.micahimages.com to help others with the desire to explore the Himalayan region.  In 2013 Indie Trekking & Travel was started as a way to better organize the information I had learned through my years of travel and trekking in the region and make it easier for others to contribute there experience and knowledge of the region.  I hope the information found here will be a valuable source for those with a spirit of adventure and a desire to explore one of the most beautiful and fascinating regions on this planet.

-Micah Hanson
Indie Trekking & Travel

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