Launching Sherpana Guide Sharing Service: A new way to travel.




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04/22/2017 - 00:24
I am excited to announce the Nepal launch of a website that allows trekkers to request or join a trek with an experienced local guide. Eleven treks are currently available for booking covvering teahouse treks in the Annapurana, Manaslu, Langtang, and Everest Regions of Nepal, and we are working on expanding service to India for the 2017 summer season.   
There's a couple of things I really like about Sherpana's service. First, Sherpana uses dynamic pricing in it's model so that the more people who join a trek, the less each trekker pays. Second, any difference in price from when you booked, to when your trek leaves, will be refunded to your card the day of your trek. Third, the cost of the guide and the permits are included in the price of your trek, with the option of hiring a porter to carry your gear if that's something you'd like. Fourth, in order for you to get the best possible price and get as much money as possible directly to the people who are doing the work, we do not charge you in advance for teahouse lodging or food but rather you will pay the teahouses directly. We advise you to budget a minimum of $25 a day. 
After travelling throughout Asia for several years, and gaining a lot of experience on what works best in a budget friendly trek, I decided to create a website that would help other budget friendly trekkers explore the world. With help from my Nepal partner, Kili Sherpa, I knew that safe, online booking and payment for experienced guides could be a reality in a way that takes the Uberpool model to the trails. Now, I'm happy to announce the birth of Sherpana.  Find a guide with Sherpana!

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