Ethiopia (Bradt Travel Guides)


I really wanted to like this guide the info on sites, cities, and background is really good.  My two biggest complaints are that the maps are not that good and that practical transportation information is weak too much of it is written like you are driving yourself.   In most cases I find that the lp covers a larger portion of a given city in as good or better detail. For destinations off the map the lp gives km distance while the Bradt guide does not. I also prefer the lp method for listing a key with places listed alphabetically by type with a grid ref on the map. Makes it easier to find stuff quickly. Brandt guide has grid info in the text of the book so if you are just looking at map it takes awhile to scan over the whole map to find a place.  Its a good option if you are driving yourself or have a hired vehicle, the information on the sights is supirior to the LP.  It also has a better range of budget accomidation than the LP.  But for the practicle info the LP wins.