Base City: 


Starting Point: 


Ending Point: 


Average Duration: 

1 day

Route Finding: 

No trail just follow the ridge

Equipment Required: 

A walking stick or trekking pole is very useful, and some snacks for the long day and water as none is available on the ridge


Inner line permit required (7 day permits available from travel agents in Leh for 100 to 200 INR)

Trek Overview

This peak is marked at 6098 m (20,000 ft) on the Leomann Indian Himalaya Map sheet 9.  It can be done in a long day hike from Korzok.  Follow the ridge North of Korzok until you get to the top.  There is a steep section where the ridge extends from some rolling hills where I found it easier to traverse to the back side (away from the lake and climb back up to the ridge from behind, but other than that it is a straight ridge walk.  The ridge is covered in semi-loose large rocks so it is not real easy hiking.  The views from the ridge along the way up compensate for the hard walking and the view from the top must  be one of the best views of Tso Moriri there is.  It is possible to descend down the backside loose scree from the peak and follow the stream back to Korzok if you do not want to re-walk the ridge.

It took me 6 hours to reach the summit with about 20 minutes of total rest time and I was very well acclimatized at the time having just climbed Chhamser Kangri. It took three hours back down traversing the backside of the ridge but I would recommend either descending all the way to the stream down the scree just below the peak on the west side, or going back along the ridge. While not the highest peak in the area it is situated at the northern end of the lake off on its own so that the views from the summit are mind blowing.

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