Base City: 


Starting Point: 


Ending Point: 


Average Duration: 

5 to 7 days

Route Finding: 


Equipment Required: 

sleeping bag, shelter, and food (at least 3 days, better to have 6 days, worth it is possible to re-supply at Tso Kar for the last half of the trek but you options will be limited and more expensive than in Leh, if you buy food for the whole trek)


Inner line permit required (7 day permits available from travel agents in Leh for 100 to 200 INR)

Trek Overview

From a purely scenic point of view this is one of the most beautiful treks in Ladakh.  While it is a very high trek (so prior acclimatization is essential) the terrain is relatively gentle and most of the passes are not very steep.  There is ample opportunities along the way to climb relatively easy but very high peaks for even more amazing views.

This area is very scenic and if you have extra time (and food) it would be worth wandering off to explore many of the side valleys and climb various peaks. You will need an interline permit for this trek although its unlikely to be checked until you leave Korzok. Even then it may not be. Mine expired by two days but no one looked at it when I left by bus. The bus goes from Leh to Korzok on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month and returns from Korzok to Leh on the 11th, 21st, and 31st of the month. Otherwise it is sometimes possible to hitch back to Leh.

Do It Yourself Information

There are few tricky junctions and areas where there is very little defined trail.  After the first pass you descend into a valley before the second pass and cross a stream the trail goes up the left side of the valley opposite where you descend, there are some herders trails that go up to the next valley where there are some rock shelters which can confuse you.  The third pass has no real trail up it just go up the opposite side of the valley from where you descended the trail is re-defined again after the summit for the decent to Tso Kar.  The fifth pass is straight up the middle valley from the nomad camp of Rajung Karu.

Other Treks in the Region

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