Base City: 


Starting Point: 


Ending Point: 


Average Duration: 

12 to 18 days

Route Finding: 


Sherpana find a trekking guide and share the cost in Nepal

Equipment Required: 

sleeping bag is highly desirable, and a walking stick or trekking pole is also very helpful on glaciers and other slippery terain


Restricted Area Permit only availble through Agents minimum group of 2 people ($70 per week $10 per aditional day), Manaslu Conservation Area Permit 2000 NPR, Annapurna Conservation Area Permit 2000 NPR

Trek Overview

With the road being built along the classic Annapurna Circuit Trek, the neighboring Around Manaslu trek seems to be picking up in popularity as the "Annapurna the way it used to be trek."  Now that a lodge has been constructed before the pass it is now possible to do the circuit completely as a tea house trek.  

Unfortunately the Manaslu Conservation Area still requires a restricted area permit, which means for the fast majority of trekkers this trek remains off-limits to individual trekkers.  If you can convince an agent to get you a permit and allow you to guide yourself you will have no problems doing it independently, this is the way I did it.  Though if you do not already have a good relationship with a local agent they are unlikely to do the bureaucratic mess of paperwork, and or pay the requisite bribes required to secure the permit on your behalf without the extra financial incentive of organizing the trek.  There have been rumors in the last year that this trek would be taken of the restricted area list.  In my opinion this would be a good thing for the people of the area finically since as it stands the vast majority of the money from the trekkers goes to Kathmandu agents rather than the locals.  Until that happens you can hire a guide through our partner site:  Find a local guide for Around Manaslu Trek

As for the trek it does have some of the feel tea house trekking the way it used to be with much more basic and far fewer lodges than you will find in the Annapurna, Everest, or Langtang regions.  The limited supply and increased popularity means the the lodges do fill up so if you are in a larger group it may be hard to find enough rooms in one lodge.  

Do It Yourself Information

The best part of this trek is from Lho over the pass.  Its a long up and down slog through the middle hills to get to Lho.  It definitely worth taking a day or two in Samagaon to take a few side treks, especially Pung Gyen Gompa, and Manaslu base camp as well.  These are some of the best views on the trek and would be totally missed if you just stuck to the main trail.  Do yourself a favor since you put in the time and effort to get up here take an extra day or two to explore the great views.

I won't re-invent the wheel here and go into a lot of detail since there is already some great information on the Manaslu trek which can be found at

Other Treks in the Region

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