Base City: 


Starting Point: 


Ending Point: 


Average Duration: 

10-14 days

Route Finding: 


Sherpana find a trekking guide and share the cost in Nepal

Equipment Required: 

sleeping bag is useful, lodges/tea houses throughout the trek


Foriegners need to pay the Sagarmatha National Park Entry Fee 3000 NPR and get a TIMS Card in Kathmandu which costs $20 for individual trekkers, and $10 through travel agents.

Trek Overview

One of the most popular routes in Nepal if any trek has the "trekking highway" feel to it, its this one.  Since most people go out and back along the same trail you will be running into people constantly during the high trekking seasons of Fall and Spring.  It is the quickest route to get to Everest Base camp and to catch a glimpse of the highest peak in the world from Kala Pattar (you can not see Mt. Everest from the Nepal Base Camp). Find a local guide for the Everest Base Camp Trek

On its own its not the best trek, the view from Kala Pattar is good, if you have limited time and want to see Everest Base Camp its the only option, but if you can spare some more time its much better when combined with the other valleys of the region.

Other Treks in the Region


Michael (not verified)

are the estimated trek days one way or round trip?thank you 

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micah's picture

"Minimum" estimates are for round trip but acclimatization days, side treks, are not included, its the fastest you could do the trek if you were in good shape and acclimatized. So depending on how fit you are and if you plan to do other treks prior to it you may need more time.

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Micah (Indie Trekking & Travel)

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