• View of Trisuli from Roopkund Trek
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    Maximum Elevation
    5 000 m ( 16 400 ft)
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Base City: 


Starting Point: 

Lohajung, Wan

Ending Point: 

Wan, Lohajung

Average Duration: 

3 to 4 days

Route Finding: 


Equipment Required: 

sleeping bag, food for at least 3 days, and shelter.



Trek Overview

This is a nice short trek that can be done independently in the "local style" (there are numerous roofless rock shelters along the way) or full camping.  The trek finishes at the mysterious lake of Roop Kund which contains a large number of human bones.  However it is worth hiking up to Jyuri Guli, the pass above the lake for incredible views of the towering 7120 m (23,350 ft) face of Trisul, on the western edge of the Nada Devi Sanctuary.  The trail heads up to the right (south) side of the lake.

Basic accommodation is available at Wan. From Wan to Bedni Bugyal is a short days walk. The main problem with Bhugu Basa the rocky campsite littered with stone shelters is a lack of water. Be sure to being lots with you from the great tasting spring at Bedni Bugyal. There is a stream but it is a long hour return hike away. Its possible to hike up to Roop Kund and Jyuri Guli from Bhugu Basa and return to Wan in the same day.

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