The best option for practical information when traveling in Ethiopia. The Bradt Guide gets the edge on culture information but for the nuts and bolts of travel LP is the way to go.

I really wanted to like this guide the info on sites, cities, and background is really good.  My two biggest complaints are that the maps are not that good and that practical transportation information is weak too much of it is written like you are driving yourself.   In most cases I find that the lp covers a larger portion of a given city in as good or better detail. For destinations off the map the lp gives km distance while the Bradt guide does not.

Ethiopia is a fascinating county both geographically and culturally, it is also relatively easy and economical to trek in the country especially when compared to its neighbors Kenya and Tanzania to the south. The two most well known trekking destinations in Ethiopia are the Simien mountains in the north and the Bale mountains in the south.

Southeast Asia

The areas of Southeast Asia the border China are impressively scenic and culturally fascinating.  Northern Laos in the areas around Muang Long, Ou Tai, and Phongsaly are good trekking destinations. In Vietnam the areas around Sapa and neighboring Ha Giang both have spectacular karst peak landscapes terraced rice paddies and unique tribal cultures.  If you’re into volcanoes Indonesia is the country to head to.  My two favorite Volcanoes treks in Indonesia are Mt. Rinjani on Lombok and Mt. Kerinci on Sumatra.

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