The LP is really the only option for a practical guide covering all of Indonesia.  Despite my opion that the Lonely Planet guides in general seem to be getting worse with each edition as they try to aim more at the upmarket mid-range tourists, leaving their budget traveling base with scant information and few accomidation options.  Still its better than anything else out there and I guess that is what LP is counting on.

Indonesia is one of the most geologically active countries in the world. If you like climbing volcanoes, and I do, head to Indonesia it has more active volcanoes than any other country. While you won't get the spectacular snowscapes of glaciers and rock you get in the Himalayas, there are few hikes which offer such a diverse array of vistas and landscapes in such a short accent as a volcano in the tropics.

Southeast Asia

The areas of Southeast Asia the border China are impressively scenic and culturally fascinating.  Northern Laos in the areas around Muang Long, Ou Tai, and Phongsaly are good trekking destinations. In Vietnam the areas around Sapa and neighboring Ha Giang both have spectacular karst peak landscapes terraced rice paddies and unique tribal cultures.  If you’re into volcanoes Indonesia is the country to head to.  My two favorite Volcanoes treks in Indonesia are Mt. Rinjani on Lombok and Mt. Kerinci on Sumatra.

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