Nepal is perhaps the premier trekking destination in the world and no where is the trekking industry more developed than in Nepal. While this means more trekkers it also means that Nepal is the easiest place in the Himalayas to trek independently. Anyone can do it even if you've never hiked anywhere. Good maps and trekking guidebooks are available in the many bookstores of Kathmandu and Pokhara. On the most popular routes it would be nearly impossible to get lost.

Having spent nearly four years in the Himalayas, much of it independently trekking throughout the region, I thought I would help others by sharing how to trek independently and economically in the Himalayas. Its not necessary to spend $30 to $70 a day through a travel agency in order to enjoy the splendor of these mountains as many people seem to think. All it takes is a bit of self confidence and knowledge.


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